Should I use a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a great addition to any exercise routine and our trainers are some of the very best in the Kingdom. With a wide roster of awards and championship wins to their names, they will motivate you to excel to new heights, develop your technique, oversee your safety and advise you on your health and fitness on a regular basis.

Which classes are included in my membership package?

All classes offered in the gym are open and free to our members although to join Jiu Jitsu, a small extra fee is charged.

What are my membership privileges?

Members can enjoy the entire gym, sauna and juice bar and partake in all the classes as well as personal training sessions with our specialised instructors. In addition, members can develop their diet with our nutritionist alongside a personal trainer and can also benefit from the tips and techniques of our on-site masseuse.

How often is my fitness level assessed?

Upon enrolling in Intensiti180, our instructors will assess your fitness and discuss your health and nutrition in order to devise a tailored training programme.

Are there any special rates for students?

Depending on the season, special student offers are made throughout the year including summer and winter camps. At the same time, we have special rates designed for students who hear about us from their school’s PE department.

How old do I have to be to join?

Although you’re never too young to start a healthy exercise regimen, we accept children and young adults from the age of 8 and would ensure that any personal gym workout is accompanied by one of our fitness trainers to prevent possible injuries.

What facilities do you have for children?

The gym is designed for all abilities, all sizes and shapes and we have developed a special bouquet of classes geared towards youth fitness and health. The specially-designed classes include MMA Kids and Jiu Jitsu.

Can I change my membership package?

You may decide that the whole family should enjoy the facilities and expertise available at Intensiti180. We can certainly upgrade your package and extend our services accordingly.

What kinds of membership are available?


There are a number of different membership options available, catering for the single client and a couple. However, we also offer special corporate and student rates and would encourage you to call for a tour of the gym in order to discuss the most suitable option for you with one of our trainers.