Designed by international award-winning designers, Red Jacket, Intensiti180 is a luxury gym with a twist. Offering a full range of combat sports classes as well as cardio and conditioning sessions in addition to a 20ft cage, 18ft boxing ring, weights and first class CV equipment, Intensiti's unique approach to holistic training encompasses all aspects of a training regimen. Beginning with a detailed and wide-ranging assessment and understanding of your fitness goals, our staff design your exclusive life routine and workout to include strength and conditioning exercises in addition to nutritional and dietary advice while ensuring you have a great time!


Intensiti180 seamlessly blends the traditional lifestyle gym model with an extensive range of mixed martial arts (MMA) facilities, allowing the casual gym-goer to train alongside world-class athletes in a non-threatening and fun environment. This unique balance of designer gym and hardcore MMA culture is tailored to cater for the health needs of all types of fitness enthusiasts, irrespective of sport, discipline or fitness levels.